Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not sure what ‘Civil War’ you’re referring to, but I’m sure it’s not the American one. Can you specify this?

Also, you said: “Sure, you get longer periods of stable government, but at the expense of civil wars every thirty years or so.” Are you suggesting that democracy’s stability is disrupted by civil wars every thirty years or so (surely not), or that the termination of civil wars every thirty years or so is a negative consequence of it (also seems dubious)? I’m not sure what you meant by this statement. Please clarify.

On a different note, I was wondering if you could comment on Dewey’s much quoted phrase that: "politics is the shadow cast on society by big business"? And furthermore, if you would support Chomsky’s push toward reorienting democracies toward what Smith supported, which was, according to Chomsky: “creative work freely undertaken in association with others as the core value of a human life”? What do you think?

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Keitousama said...

That part of the post was clumsily phrased. I was referring to strongman regimes, not to democracies, though on a re-read I can see where the problem comes up.