Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Life, and it's Intrusions on Blogging

How careless of me. It's been a week since my last post, and really, I am trying to get at least a few out per week (preferably a few day, but hey, I do have a day job.) I have no really good excuses, really I've just been partying for a week, ie drinking beer with my friends and clubbing instead of relaxing with a beer in my six tatami mat room (that's small, in case you didn't know) with my iPod plugged into the speakers, while I sit at my computer and blog. Okay, it wasn't all clubs and parties. In fact, clubbing was only Saturday - went to Womb, best goddamn club in Tokyo - and I spent both Friday and Sunday using my computer to watch Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig instead of type (highly recommended, by the way, but then I'm a huge fan of koukaku kidoutai, or攻殻機動隊 as they say in Japanese.)

Long weekend, you see.

The nightcap of the binge was my first visit to a hostess club. It was expensive (though I did manage to escape before paying for the talk-time, which I honestly didn't know I was supposed to do. In my defence, the only reason I was there was that the guy I was with completely lied about where he was taking me, and I still dropped a wad of cash on drinks for me, two hostesses, and that same guy.) I'll admit it was ... interesting attending an establishment where you pay money to talk to pretty girls, a cleaner though deeply weird take on strip clubs that so far as I know is unique to Japan. Prostitution of the soul instead of prostitution of the body (both forms of which exist here, I can assure you). I can understand how the taste developed; there's something to be said for a place where you can talk to beautiful women who seem genuinely interested in your conversation, especially if the wife isn't looking so pretty these days and is starting to hate your guts to boot. It's quite pleasant, and the strict prohibition on physical contact avoids pushing most (though not quite all) of the sexual prurience buttons inside the cultural psyche.

Anyhow, sorry for the lack of posts. Can't promise it won't happen again, but next time I'll at least try to give a 'slow post' warning.

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