Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Old Stuff

As in back to November 2005.

I've added links in the sidebar to all of my previous blogs. strangerAttractor was my first effort at blogging, and while there's a lot of stuff in there I'm ashamed to have written, I won't apologize for any of it, but will simply say: I was young and stupid, and my eyes are open now.

I took a break from blogging for a few months after that, principally because I didn't have regular internet access (the stranegAttractor period was while I was working as a low level data entry minion, and had an average of four hours a day to surf the net). This was because I'd moved to Japan, my apartment didn't have internet (the guy who lived there had no computer, and I, speaking not a word of Japanese beyond ninja, did not have the wherewithal to get it installed.) When finally I began blogging again, it was 1 + White = 100, in which I chronicle a good part of my first year in Japan.

Eventually, Japan ceased being so alien that it was interesting to blog about all the time, and I started writing at Cracks in the Sanitarium. Not everything I wrote here was complete bullshit (I stand by everything about Extinctionism), but a lot of it reflects the fact that this was the period during which the fever of the infowar's propaganda was raging at its worst inside my head.

So anyhow, in case you want to read anything else I've written ... here it all is. Enjoy (or not, your call.)

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