Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today in the News

Well, it looks like the iFly is moving along just about right on schedule, albeit in a somewhat creepier way than expected: Robobugs spotted at anti-war protests in Washington. Personally I can think of much better ways to use this technology, but then again, I'm not a modern-day stasi.

The Turks are claiming NATO's been helping the PKK launch terror attacks. Anything to keep people afraid. The Turks aren't taking it lying down though: Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, has announced plans to launch raids into Iraqi Kurdistan. That's bound to piss of the Americans.

Vicente Fox openly claims that the long-range plan is for the creation of an 'Amero', an Americas-wide currency union. This is pretty obvious when you think about it; after all, the EU evolved from the European Coal and Steel Community to an entity one step short of an actual nation in just under fifty years. Still, there's a big difference between integrating European countries which, however different the cultures might be, at least share common values on human rights and such ... and jamming together the US and Canada (open societies that place a high value on the rule of law and individual freedom) with Mexico (one of the world's worst slave states.)

On the political front, Ron Paul - the only non-plastic candidate in the current presidential race - is warning that the US dollar could well collapse essentially to zero, a scenario that's hold-your-forehead-and-groan it's so bloody obvious to anyone with a modicum of knowledge of economics (which is almost no one.)

This could well be nothing but signaling (as Tom Barnett would no doubt argue), or it could be very ominous (which is what the Taiwanese would say): China promotes military officers experienced in Taiwan affairs. By affairs, of course, the headline means "planning for war with Taiwan."

Vaccine-linked polio hits Nigeria. That's happening a lot these days. The natives are learning to run when white men show up with the meds. Think maybe they know something we don't?

Rice to meet Russian human rights activists. Helps to get to know the enemy, no?

Private security convoys strike fear in Baghdad. You know it's bad when they're more scared of Blackwater than they are of either al Qaeda or the marines.

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