Monday, March 3, 2008

Benjamin Fulford: Rumors of the Owner of Rolls Royce Naniwa No. 4444

First posted 03 Mar 08

A few days ago after I finished a TV show in Osaka, a black Rolls Royce with Naniwa Number 4444 appeared in front of my taxi, twice. According to an acquaintance's information, this appeared to be the property of the Yamaguchi Gang.

Also last week, when the show was over I head to a coffee shop I always use for business, two guys who looked like they were from an underground organization were sitting diagonally across from me. I could clearly see what looked to be a pistol in the jacket pocket of one of them, so I pretended to have forgotten something and promptly left the shop.

I do not remember, nor do I plan on, ever causing offense to the Yamaguchi Gang. Rather, I've been suggesting to the Japanese government that that Yamaguchi Gang could make ten times as much as they are now by engaging in first class, superior enterprises. If the Yamaguchi Gang wants to kill me, I'd like for them to tell me the reason first. If I agree I'll commit seppuku myself.

If this is a request from shadowy foreign powers to have me slaughtered, I'd like them to think twice. Foreign underworld powers are sucking money out of Japan, impoverishing the country. They're plotting to murder 4 billion people. Japan will lose 70 million people, and the plan for the rest of us is to treat us like livestock. I'd like for those powers to consider the morality of the work they've undertaken.


First Posted 05 Mar 2008

Sorry About the Blog Post the Other Day

The other day I posted "Rumors of the Owner of Rolls Royce Naniwa No. 4444", and then I suddenly removed it. Sorry about that. I decided to pull the post after talking with an authorized individual. The consequence of the talk is that I'm no longer worried my life is being aimed at. I can't say in detail but a settlement was reached through discussion. This is a backroom deal, with no exceptions. For removing the post with no explanation, and causing such a fuss, I offer my deepest apologies.

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Peter said...

o crap! this cant be good. these people arent part of the NWO tidbit are they?

Ketousama said...

no idea....

Corbett Report said...

Any news from Fulford since this post? I'm really anxious to hear what he thinks about the announcement today that Muto is going to be the new Central Bank chief. Seems the DPJ are not happy about it, but I know there's more happening behind the scenes than what the media are reporting (