Saturday, March 1, 2008

Benjaming Fulford: I Think Japan Should Emply Hollywood

First posted 01 March 08

For a long time, a great number of Hollywood screenwriters went on strike. In the end the strike reached an impasse when funds ran out, but as to the true feelings of the screenwriters, I have a feeling they have heretofore sealed stories and information they'd like to share with us.

I think it would be good for Japan to use it's untouched foreign reserves and employ those screenwriters in the work of telling the truth to all mankind. This would lead to an enhancement of Japan's economy, it would also become a development of mankind.

At present 5 percent of Hollywood's budget comes from the Pentagon. Movies are being made that provoke war and murder people. In actuality, most Hollywood movies contain scenes in which guns are used to murder people in the name of justice.

Hollywood is bedridden. However, I expect that Asia's abundant traditional cultures can give birth to as many stories as you want. How about if instead, they protected nature and peace, and gave us movies that reminded us that all humankind lives on the same planet.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the nwo, illuminati OWN the studios. won't get much truth from them. many writers write what studios will produce.
the ones who don't are independents.