Sunday, March 9, 2008

Where Does Oil Come From?

Ever stop and ask yourself what the experimental evidence is for the fossil fuel theory? I did, a few years back, and so I did the logical thing and did some poking about online. I soon found that the Russians had asked themselves that same question, many decades ago, and they had found the fossil fuel theory to be about as scientific as phlogiston. They developed an abiotic (ie non-biological) theory of oil's origins, one in which oil is produced from naturally occurring chemicals deep in the earth, under high pressures and temperatures, and then carried up to the crust. The vast Russian oil industry is the practical application of the abiotic theory.

We're lied to about so much in this sick society - about everything from JFK to global warming - that it's easy to forget things ... even things as vital as the truth about oil, and about how much we have left:

The good news is that panic scenarios about the world running out of oil anytime soon are wrong. The bad news is that the price of oil is going to continue to rise. Peak Oil is not our problem. Politics is. Big Oil wants to sustain high oil prices. Dick Cheney and friends are all too willing to assist.

The geopolitical consequences of this deliberate deception about the truth of oil? Huge.

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Pete said...

I knew about this for a while. If you look at the price of gold compared to gas you'll see that the amount of gas you could by for a set amount of gold is the same then as it is now. We are not running out of oil anytime soon. I had the elitists

Anonymous said...

I think it's time for Mr. Fulford to do something about it, then.