Sunday, February 17, 2008

The American Autogenocide and the Depopulation of the World

Most bloggers throw out their thoughts in short, rapid-fire bursts, with posts that are a few sentences or a few paragraphs long. Which makes sense, because the attention of your bog-standard web-surfer begins to wander after their brain's processed the first few phonemes. This doesn't allow much space for complex thought inside a single post, so bloggers who want to communicate something more nuanced usually rely on lots of short posts that, over time, will give the reader who keeps coming back for more a clear idea of what the blogger wants to say.

Someone evidently failed to get the message out to Martha Rose Crow, who in her own words is

a feminist, socialist, poet and writer living in the Netherlands. A social economist and cultural scientist, she holds four university degrees in Marketing, Management, Communication and Information Media (master’s degree).

In addition to the above impressive resume, Ms. Crow maintains (to use the term loosely) a blog by the title of American Autogenocide. There are precisely two posts at American Autogenocide, but each of those posts is very, very long; just reading the first 'The Nine Stages of American Autogenocide' (I haven't had the energy for the second, 'De-Population of the World Is Real') took me about an hour, an eternity in web-time. The very fact that I actually bothered to spend that hour tells you that this might be worth your time to read, though.

Crow details a process of silent - and, she feels, deliberate - extermination of America's poor and disenfranchised minorities; essentially, genocide not with gas chambers and mass graves, but with mass poverty and destructive social programs, designed with the purpose of thinning out the herd so there will be fewer 'useless eaters' around (useless because the dumb labor, all the elite feels them to be good for, is all being automated away.)

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