Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Benjamin Fulford: Is American Debt Waste Paper?

First Posted 25 Feb 2008

Recently information's been reaching my ears from various places that America might be thinking of declaring Force Majeure.

Regarding it's present debt which has climbed to roughly 1.2 trillion dollars, were it to be announced that it could not be physically repaid, the countries of Asia and the Near and Middle East might be given to understand that they aren't going to get paid.

But if such a reckless thing was done the country will call America would collapse in an instant. The natural thing would be for an international meeting to be held, at which the system in place ever since 1945 would be yanked, and the debt forgiven ... but before that could be done, America would have to make a promise to never again wage aggressive war, and to eternally bend all efforts towards removing poverty, environmental destruction, and war from the Earth. Following that, with the new capital that would enter the country, the Pentagon would have to restructure in order to develop countermeasures against poverty and environmental destruction.

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1 comment:

JoyDVine said...

I don't feel hopeful at all. Chemtrails clog the sky, water is poisoned, water systems are in place with valves that can switch off water in whole neighborhoods, cities. Section 817 of the Patriot Act cleared the way for a depopulation program, poisons can be introduced into water systems by way of satellites. They refuse to stop fluoride, chemtrail spraying, "bug sprays' that don't work, food is poisoned or outsourced so it can be cut off at port, vaccines are poisoned and contain pulped fetuses, feces, and all the garbage labs can dump into them, the war won't stop, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Chertoff and our politicians are shielded and we're threatened with martial law and concentration camps. Nothing can be done. No prayer Ron Paul could be elected or if he were, he would be eliminated. It's all inevitable. We are doomed.