Friday, February 29, 2008

The Extinction War

I've got a new fiction project, The Extinction War, which I'm putting up for free (naturally). I'll be posting a new part every day or so.

Without giving too much away, it's a coming of age story set in the near future, the tale of a handful of extraordinary youths finding their way in the midst of the last war mankind shall ever fight, a war in which rapidly evolving technologies vie with apocalypse; regardless of which force wins, what emerges when the dust clears will not be human.

Here's a taste:

Steve killed for the first time the day after he joined the army.

There had been no delay for training, or even to be outfitted and shipped off to a far foreign country. That was the beauty of the Telepresence Cavalry: the Pentagon could cherry-pick their recruits from the nation’s top gamers, already as well-trained and combat ready as they’d ever be thanks to years of pretend violence. The robots they’d be riding herd on, meanwhile, were already in the battlespace, packed up tight inside ground effect carriers floating off the coast, just a short flight from deployment.

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