Thursday, February 28, 2008

Benjamin Fulford: Ways to Breathe New Life Into Japan

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First posted 27 Feb 2008

In present-day Japan, with a single group of winners excluded, their are a lot of people whose livelihood is in trouble. The current government doesn't have any ways to help them. However, I don't think helping them is all that difficult of a problem.

Japan, as a nation, lacks an overall goal. If first of all a goal is created, and people are inspired towards that goal, every problem would be settled.

As for one proposal, it would be a good thing for Japan to be the world's top country in every field. Japan's $6 trillion of foreign currency reserves, currently pickling in salt, could be put to use employing capable minds from around the world to find ways of giving Japan it's genki* back.

For instance, I think it would be great to make Japan the number one country in the world for harmony with nature. The Japanese cedars that occupy 5 percent of Japan's soil - and choke the life from the forests - should all be logged and sold as lumber to China. After logging the cedar animals would be able to return to a hospitable natural ecosystem. Then the concrete that buries the rivers of the metropolises could be broken, and those rivers turned into flowing gardens full of fish and small animals.

Up until now, Japan has been sacrificing nature to development. As to the goal of Japan from here on out, if Japan could work as much as possible towards augmenting life on Earth, that would be wonderful. On top of that, it would also be good to aim for a prosperous life.

* Genki is a Japanese word that's hard to translate directly into English. Pep, energy, spirit, vitality, those sorts of meanings to it, but the word's even used in greetings.

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