Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Benjamin Fulford: The Infowar is an Urgent Subject

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At the beginning of the Age of Asia the Infowar is becoming a pressing subject. The world's mass media (particularly that of Japan and the Anglosphere) are insulting Asia with their discharge of bullshit information.

In recent years, real journalists in the Anglosphere have been fired, and what's left over is mostly nothing but people brainwashed by the CIA. That the mass media is under the control of five old men who caused 9/11 is something that the rest of the world has to be informed of, and quickly, so they can be given warning of the crackdown to come.

At the same time in order to support the remaining real journalists, it's necessary to boycott the mass media; this would really get the opposition groaning, and it would focus advertising revenue into the few real real outlets.

Ed: I posted the following as a comment at his site, but this is my blog so I get to include it as part of the main piece here Probably a bit more eloquently than it will appear on his site, too, as I'm writing in my mother tongue here....

It's not just the mass media's news that should be boycotted, it's their entertainment, their movies and their television and even their music. It's a massive revenue stream for them, and taking it away would be a serious kick in the nuts financially. Now I'm not necessarily saying that you have to stop consuming it all together, just stop paying for it. Christ, man, that's what bittorrent's for!

But you know, even if you can get it for free you should stop using it anyways. Most of it contains messages in the story or the lyrics designed to brainwash you, and as the police state begins to clamp down it'll get steadily more dangerous (hell, their files are probably already good enough that if they wished to use it as a pretext, they could round up vast numbers of people for violating copyright.) And anyways, open source software and creative commons licenses are manufacturing more content than can be consumed in any given day, and more and more of it as time goes on. The mass media's entertainments are already unnecessary!

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Peter said...

Hey I just wanted to thank you for all your translations of Benjamin Fulfords work. Without your translations I would have no idea what's goign on and I really appreciate it. I'm suprised more people don't want to know whats going on with his asian secret society. I read your blog evry single day so thanks! Also, I have added it to the stumbleupon database.

Ketousama said...

Hey, thanks a lot man! I'm glad someone out there is reading this stuff ... translating it does take a bit of time ;)

Peter said...

your welcome =P, hey check out my website: http://www.postofficepics.us

Ketousama said...

Quite the odd site you've got there.... Why post offices?