Thursday, February 14, 2008

Leveraging Social Networks for Liberation

Alex Jones is one smart cookie. The man understands the internet better than a good number of journalists; just witness the way he gives away all (that's all, as in all 18) of his movies away for free on google video, and winks at copies being traded over bittorrent. He knows the corporate media will never, ever promote his work, because every person who encounters it is smacked awake like a hungover frat boy who's sleeping in on an exam day. Sure, he sells his wares through his various websites, but once again he understands that what you're really paying for isn't the information per se, it's the quality with which it's presented and the speed with which it's available.

And now, he's launched a new website that's built along social networks, It's got all the bells and whistles, with groups and friends lists and blogs and messaging, a veritable petri dish for the revolution. Go on over, sign yourself up, and stop just reading shit and pounding at your keyboard with tears of frustration stinging your eyes: put that anger to use and get involved! I'm already there, of course (taking my own advice, naturally) and I'll be cross-posting much (not all, but a lot) of what I post here at my new infowars blog.

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