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Benjamin Fulford, 04 Feb 2008

You've probably never heard of this guy, right? Here's the Cole's Notes: dude's been living in Japan since the early 80s, long enough that he speaks the language like a native. For the last half of the 90s he capitalized that by becoming the national bureau chief for Forbes magazine, a position he left when he was told he couldn't publish a story connecting government corruption to the yakuza. He continued pursuing the story on his own, eventually getting enough material for a book, and then - just before he could publish it - was clued in to what was really going on by a member of the Japanese Imperial family. The story expands in scope when, in the aftermath of confronting the former Japanese finance minister over his selling out of the Japanese banking system to the Rockefellers, he's contacted by someone who claims to be a ninja (!!!) and offered either a) a position in the New World Order or b) death. Right on the heels of that, he's contacted by a representative of a Chinese secret society that dates back to the Mongol invasion, who offers him their protection if he agrees to act as their go-between, ambassador as it were between the amusingly misnamed New World Order of the West and the Newer World Order of the East. This secret society, a sort of more-ethical Eastern counterpart to the Illuminati, had a fire lit under their pants after SARS, which they interpreted as either a test run, or a failed deployment of, an ethnic-specific bioweapon. Okay, so it's a pretty incredible story, yeah. But you know, the guy got an interview with David Rockefeller not too long ago, and he doesn't hand those out like candy. If you're interested in the rest of the story, everything else you want to know (or, well, can know) is archived here. All of this serves as a preview to a project I'm going to try and hold myself to for, well, as long as I can: English translations of Fulford's blog posts (which are in Japanese). I do this with no permission, so I hope he doesn't mind (and if I translate anything wrong, well, please, correct me in the comments. I'm not proud). Anyhow, here goes nothing:

About Those Chinese Gyoza

Those Chinese gyoza are probably the CIA's underhanded dealings.

One thing the West fears above all else is Japan and China becoming good buddies. In this case the use of agricultural chemicals at the Chinese gyoza factory can't be confirmed. It's clear that in order to worsen Sino-Japanese relations, there was some dirty business involving overseas authorities.

Now, of course there are some questions of hygiene management on the Chinese side, but the way this is being covered on TV is overt propaganda. In practice there are all sorts of pretty serious problems with American agricultural products too - agricultural chemicals, BSE, etc - but the coverage in the mass media is completely different.

Also, there's been information that there's been an extremely high number of chemtrails in Southern Japan, and this is probably related to weather modifications aimed at China that have been partly responsible for the heavy snowfall there. That's a just a guess, but I can't help but make it.

The American and European secret societies are getting desperate to obstruct Asia's rise, set to begin on the 8th of August.

On the Governer of Tougoku

He's definitely an individualistic guy, and it looks like he's got a variety of things in his past, but he's not your normal politician who's been brainwashed by his educational background. He thinks things through using common sense. Hence he seems to lack common sense, by the standards of the current organization.

Present day Japan is divided into Tokyo and everywhere else. It angers the rest of the country when Tokyo is given too much attention. Giving some thought to the rest of the country, the economic foundations of Japan should be fundamentally changed.

I've met a lot of politicians in the course of my data gathering, and this guy feels different.

On the Composite Photograph from the Skies of Okinawa

Thanks for all that information rushing in at once, after I posted on that strange photograph from Okinawa the other day!

The picture was sent to me from a politician, and as soon as I saw it I saw right through it, figuring it was probably a fake, but I decided to get your opinions. What I mean is, I wanted to see the Net's 'photo investigation power' at work. Everyone pooled their resources, and the photo was immediately revealed for the utter bullshit it was. Actually it wasn't from Okinawa or recent, just bullshit. Sorry for the confusion. Nevertheless and meeting my expectations, not one of you took it for the 'Hand of God'.

From now on I will of course be very careful in verifying the source and credibility of any information I receive, but whenever I get anything wrong please correct me immediately. At that time I want to pass along the most accurate information I can, so I'll be using this method.

The picture he's talking about is this one:

I think it looks rather like God giving mankind a goatse.

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