Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Benjamin Fulford, 12 Feb 2008

Guide to the New World Order

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has hastily offered support to the idea of Japan, India, Brazil and Africa becoming standing members of the UN Security Council.


[Once again I'm giving a different link from what was in the original post. Fulford linked to this article at the Mainichi Shinbun, which is of course in Japanese.]

Now why is it that only now is this offer, postponed for 6 decades, being made?

As expected, Westerners cannot help but accept that their exclusive control of the world has come to an end. And maybe there's just a little impatience as well, due to the collapse of the American dollar.

I've got a different plan. I think it would be best to divide the world into seven regions. 1) China, 2) Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, etc 3) India, 4) the Islamic World, 5) Europe, 6) Africa, and 7) North and South America.

These seven regions would have the right to veto within their own regions, decided by majority. If there are any problems they can be decided in the International Court. Also, a single central bank for all seven regions would be established. If this were done various global problems could be deftly addressed.

At any rate, due to the collapsing dollar, and the rise of the Age of Asia, the way the world moves is changing.

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