Thursday, February 21, 2008

Benjamin Fulford: The Self Defense Force's Careless Manner

Originally Posted 20 Dec 2008

The case of the Aegis cruiser hitting a fishing boat is just a bit too much for a massive lack of common sense. Approaching within 20 km - visible range of Tokyo Bay - in a spot where there are all sorts of small fishing boats, whatever were the watchers doing?

Questions are being asked about what the Self Defense Force itself should be. Due to things like this, there's extreme worry in this time that the organization can protect the country from invasions.

On top of this, it took over 90 minutes - far too slow - for the information about this incident to reach the Prime Minister, raising questions about SDF morals as well. Memories of last year's missile procurement scandal are still new but, in practicality it's not just North Korean missiles, but little fishing boats that can't be stopped.

"Aegis Cruiser Missile Ambush": What's on the Other Side of Reports of Success?

First posted 20 Dec 2007

A few days ago reports came in that a Naval Self Defense Force Aegis cruiser successfully ambushed a missile.

The circumstances would have been completely different if this was, indeed, an experiment. In the case of a test, time and place would have been accurately communicated, and this was not in fact the case.

In the first place America is using North Korea as an accomplice. Taepodongs are being launched in order to palm off some missiles on Japan. It'd be nice to know how much of that one trillion yen [about 10 billion dollars] is bribe money in the pocket of the officials (ed: I'm guessing there. He said sensei-tachi, but I'm pretty sure he's not talking about Ms. Sumiko who teachers 3rd graders.)

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Peter said...

This is insane, things are getting out of control. You know how crazy it's getting when they start to fire on defenseless fishing boats, geez. Does anyone know when the project camelot interview with Fulford is supposed to come out ( I'm really looking forward to it. If anyone knows IM me on AOL Instant messenger, my screen name is wizzletoff.

Ketousama said...

No clue when it's coming out. Been checking myself.

I think it was actually a collision with the fishing boat, not actually firing on them.

Peter said...

Ah, thanks for the correction, i mis-read that. Am i the only 1 who reads this ur stuff? well either way, i am so glad that someone actually takes a time out of there day to translate all this important stuff. Don't get discouraged that not many people read your site, I think that most people don't know this site exists but if they did, they would probably check it everyday like I do. Try adding a stumbleupon link on ur site like i did with mine, it will get more traffic to your site.

Pete said...

hey, did u decide to stop updating?

Ketousama said...

Not at all. Sadly, the internet in my house has been inconstant at best the last few days....