Monday, February 18, 2008

Benjamin Fulford: The Problem of Asian Regional Conflicts

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A lot of the regional wars that splinter Asia are manufactured by Western secret societies. In order to see the birth of a New Asian Age, I'd like to see a lot of these problems resolved.

First of all between North and South Korea, where the plan for unity is to remove Golden Justice Sun (ed: his name was written in kanji, and Korean names have non-standard pronunciations which forced me to dig a bit to find out that this is, apparently, what Kim Jong Il's name means in Korean) from power and dress him up as a symbolic king. As to Taiwan and China, America can't continue protecting Taiwan militarily, so while Taiwan still has power I'd like to see them start negotiations with China. On the Chinese side, powers close to independence could be granted, and experiments with networked democracy could be begun. With Tibet, the Dalai Lama is a powerful symbol of peace; a conversation with him is necessary in order to take that symbol back and really get along well.

There's also the problem of Japan's northern territories, eternally contested with Russia; it would be good, I think, if a Japanese-Russian free trade zone or casino were to be established, a position for trade and pleasure.

At any rate if the various regional conflicts can be resolved, Asia will be a more unified place.

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