Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Benjamin Fulford, 13 Feb 2008

On the American Presidential Election

There's a massive difference between public opinion polls and the results of the presidential primaries. American democracy has been mutilated by electronic voting machines.

At the same time in California, in whichever district you look at the Republican candidates are exactly the same. In farming districts as well as wealthy areas, in districts dominated by completely different racial groups, the results have been too unnatural to believe.

If electronic voting machines are introduced to Japan as well, it'll lead to a bad, dangerous situation.

In America it looks like the battling candidates are following a script that's been written for them. And something unusual seems to have happened to Ron Paul, the candidate who received such tremendous support from the internet. Up until recently he was persistently claiming, "We need a new investigation into 9/11," however, recently he abruptly began to declare on television that "I don't think the government caused 9/11." This change in his speech is extremely unnatural, so much so that it looks like nothing so much as that he's being made to say this. He's also more or less pulled out of the race. He's probably either had under serious pressure or threat, nothing else really makes sense.

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