Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vote by Not Voting, And Do It At the Top of Your Lungs

Let's face it: Ron Paul's done his bit. He got in front of the camera, he energized a movement, and he did some educating. And now he's back in Texas licking his wounds, and what did you expect? That the first assault we sent up against the fortress, the forlorn hope we sent charging towards it's front gates in full view of it's cannons and kill-zones, was going to prevail?

This brilliant, bitchy rant by Carolyn Baker over at The People's Voice really brings the current electoral situation into sharp and painful focus. Who's she going to vote for? The same person her cousin is:

"Me vote?" she replied.

"No, not when my only choices are between Satan and the devil."

That about sums it up, no? There really is no point in voting. No matter who who vote for, they're just another employee of the corporatocracy, with no more independence or power to change things than a fry cook at your local McDonalds (and considerably less desire to, to boot.)

There's no use in just a few people sitting at home grumbling about the pointlessness of casting a ballot that will be ignored anyway. Where's the fun in that? No, what's needed is a voter strike, millions of people in the streets loudly and angrily refusing to vote. If the 2008 election is notable primarily for a nationwide protest too big to ignore, against everything the system stands for, everything it has done, is doing and is planning to do, and if along with that voter participation is driven down into the range of 20%, it won't matter who wins. Whatever squats in the Oval Office will not be able to claim a mandate from the voters, not with any sort of seriousness.

It doesn't matter who you vote for, it matters what you vote for; and if you want to vote against the system, the only way to do it is by not voting.

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