Saturday, February 9, 2008

Benjamin Fulford, 09 Feb 2008

What the Hell Are the Americans Scheming, Cutting Those Undersea Cables?

The news is saying that nine undersea internet cables [ed: link added by me, not part of the original post] have been cut in the area of Asia and the Near and Middle East.

The official explanation is that a ship's anchor is the source of the problem, but with nine cables in separate places being cut almost simultaneously, it's strange now matter how you think of it.

I've got to say this looks like the American's are scheming to do something, don't you think? Iran is going to be opening up an oil bourse selling in non-US dollars pretty soon, which Saudi Arabia might use too, and maybe there's a relationship with this.

With the American dollar losing it's status as the world's pivotal currency, a cornered America is playing a childish prank. This is the kind of thing countries occupied by the criminal American organization understand all too well.

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