Sunday, February 17, 2008

Benjamin Fulford: For the Arrival of the Age of Peace

Loosely translated from the original Japanese 17 Feb 2008
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According to the New York Times, the Pentagon has changed its fundamental strategy. From now on, it appears that they're putting increased importance on soft power, using their power for such things as economic support and nation building. Maybe they've finally figured out that the world's problems will never be solved by the old ways.

The Pentagon's also created a new African headquarters. It looks like China is probably going to start aiding Africa as well; the sense of an impending crisis is shared by all, it seems.

Meanwhile China's created a new Energy Ministry. I'd like to think that this means they're throwing their weight behind the effort to create an economy that doesn't need oil. The Japanese government has also been irresponsibly neglectful when it comes to hydrogen energy, magnets (ed: closest I could come, not sure what he's talking about there) and other such energy technologies that have been sealed away; all of these should be opened up. It's crazy to seal the development of mankind for the purpose of preserving political power and influence.

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