Monday, February 25, 2008

Benjamin Fulford: Exposing 9/11 With the Cooperation of European Politicians

First posted 23 Feb 2008

Japan's politicians are gradually beginning to realize the truth about 9/11.

Through Yukuhisa Fujita's presentation in the Diet, recognition of what America did on 9/11 is spreading through other Diet members. From here on the Democratic Party (ed: the Japanese Democratic Party, or Minshuto) would like to advance a cooperative plan: in concert with Europe, to demand of America that those factions that were related to 9/11 are eliminated.

By the way, the Diet members are focusing on the criminals of 9/11, the defense contractors and oil interests. Most of the diligent American military was tricked by the Pentagon, and has no relation to the matter.

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Pete said...

Good, I'm glad Japan is waking up to the truth of 9/11. I hope bush craps his pants.

Ketousama said...

Oh, I'm sure he's already had an incident or two. Drugs and booze tend to loosen things up, you know?

Now if he were to shit himself on TV....

Anonymous said...

Americans did not cause 9/11. Criminals in our government and foreign criminals did. Citizens did not. Please, we are all suffering. Citizens of the world are suffering. Our slavedrivers won.