Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Benjamin Fulford: Special Discussion at the World Forum Lecture

First posted 25 Feb 2008

The World Forum Lecture to be held on February 29 is to feature Yumi Kikuchi (a Japanese blogger), along with the daughter - and private secretary - of the Democratic Party's Yukihisa Fujita (ed: he's the guy who gave the 9/11 presentation in the Diet). Oh, yes, and I'll be there too.

As Mr. Yukuhisa is on business overseas, his daughter has been entrusted with a message and is coming in his stead. He's planning on letting us know the real intentions behind the questions that raised misgivings about 9/11 in the Diet.

See you there!

Kikuchi Yumi http://kikuchiyumi.blogspot.com/
World Forum Lecture http://www.worldforum.jp/information/2008/02.html

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