Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Benjamin Fulford, 05 Feb 2008

Is America Going to Attack Japan with an Earthquake Weapon?

According to information from the Inagawa Gang's leadership [ed: that's a massive gang operating in Tokyo, with a membership of 5100. Link to Wikipedia page.], America is threatening to hit Kanagawa with an earthquake around the end of the month. After that, in March or April, it seems they're saying the attack will escalate to hit Chiba and other areas around Tokyo.

In the event that this is carried out, although I've urged restraint up until now, I'll call upon the Asian secret society to execute their plan to assassinate members of the Illuminati.

Somehow, for the sake of everyone on Earth, the murderer's in the American military must be stopped as soon as possible.

Earthquake weapons might sound a little crazy, but there have been rumors of something called a scalar weapon, originally developed by Nikola Tesla, which can trigger seismic activity. A search turns up lots of interesting links.

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Anonymous said...

In lue of the recent tragedy in China...Ron Paul is still in the Republican race. If McCain were to drop out Dr. Paul would be the Republican nominee and would restore liberty, peace, and our republic. He could easily beat any Democratic nominee.